Total Solar Eclipse 2016 in Sulawesi
Sulawesi is one of the best place in the world to explore and enjoy the Total Solar Eclipse in March 09, 2016. Here are some best place for Total Solar Eclipse 2016:
  • Kalora: 2m52,1s  in Central Sulawesi about 40 km north of Poso
  • Ulubongka: 2m54,9s in Central Sulawesi next to Ampana
  • Ampana: 2m51,9s in Central Sulawesi - the gateway to Togian islands
  • Ampana Tete: 2m 56,2s
  • Pagimana: 2m59,3s - another gateway to Togian Islands

For more detailed information on Total Solar Eclipse 2016 please kindly click: NASA Eclipse Website

Wheather predictions can be find at
(thanks to Stephen Bedingfield for wheather info sharing)

To enrich your Total Solar Eclipse 2016 quest you may enrich your adventure with the visit to Bada Valley with the ancient stone statues, Togian Islands and Toraja - one of the most unique civilization in the world.

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