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Places of interests
Mt. Ile Ape or Lewotolo
Ile Ape rises to 1423 m. it is a symmetrical stratovolcano as viewed from the north and east. A small cone with a 130-m-wide crater constructed at the SE side of a larger crater forms the volcano's high point. Many lava flows have reached the coastline. Historical eruptions, recorded since 1660, have consisted of explosive activity from the summit crater.

The volcano is possible to be climbed from Jontona side. There is a path normally used by the locals if they need to give some offerings up on the summit during  a very long draught periods. The ritual of giving offering is done in the hope that the rain to fall soon. Half way up there is a complex of empty huts built to celebrate �Pesta Kacang� or peanut / bean ceremony. Some huts even collects some big elephant tusks, pottery and old artifacts.

Ile Ape 
It is the central of Ikat Weaving located in the north of Lewoleba. Along the coast road, you might see the women weave Ikat Weaving cloth on back strap looms.  The colors are from natural dyes. Dark brown is the dominant color with geometric pattern. Ile Ape is one of very few villages in Indonesia where women still producing hand spun cotton.  Ikat Weaving products (sarong) is an important part of marriage exchange in which the bride�s family provides fine cloths, and the groom�s family an heirloom elephant tusk.

It is probably the only village in the country, which the ancient fishing tradition is kept up to the present time. The people of Lamalera are known for their skill and tradition in catching big fishes by harpoon on high seas. The tradition of catching fishes by harpoon is not merely fishing activities but it is a complex ramification of cultural concept and social relationship. It is hard to believe that in this �plastic / synthetic age� the sails of fishing boats in Lamalera still using woven palm leafs.

The fishing season is last from May to July. It is the season of whales migrating from Indian Ocean to Pacific or vice versa. During the season the fisherman go out to the sea regularly, start pooling out boats before sun rise and if no good catch they will return by 2 o�clock in the afternoon. The fishing boats then pushed back to the �garages�.


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