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Riung Villages and Clans
Riung consists of several villages and sub villages which are organized under the administration system of the central government of Republic of Indonesia. They are:

Coastal villages (east to west) border to Riung Nature Conservation Park:
  • Lengkosambi, sub villages: Bhaubelek, Ususrasang, Watulajar, Wewolaci and Makitakor speaks Lengkosambi dialect � Nggate = no or not
  • Tadho, sub villages: Toring, Bekek, Oting and Mbongras they speak Tadho dialect. Ghate = no or not
  • Riung, the capitol town of Riung District. Sub village of Riung (mostly Moslem): Riung lama, Pore and Riung speaks dialect of Riung. Toe = no or not
  • Mbarungkeli or Latung, sub villages: Watuzape, Pandulundur and Nanga Ular speaks dialect of Ria. Pae� = no or not
  • Sambinasi, sub villages: Damu, Ruki and Martauk speaks Bar dialect (a bit mixing of Ria and Riung dialect). Toe = no or not
Mountain villages:
  • Wangka, sub villages: Tajo, Wangka, Watu Ling and Tana Lain speaks the dialect of Wangka. Pai� = no or not
  • Rawuk speaks Toe as Riung, it was moved from old Riung village
  • Mulu Randang, the village is originally split from old Tadho
  • Terong, sub villages: Terong, Marolidong and Miris speaks the dialect of Terong (imilar to Ria but softer accent). Pae = no or not
  • Ngara, sub villages: Munting and Bou speaks Munting dialect. Pae� = no or not
  • Wolomeze, sub villages: Maronggela and Nampe speaks the dialect of Wolomeze (similar to Ria), Pae� = no or not.
  • Namut speaks there own of dialect, Pawa = no or not
  • Wate speaks the dialect of Wate. Pae� = no or not  
  • Ria and Tiwuwulu speaks the dialect of Ria. Pae� = no or not
  • Lanamai, sub villages: Teong and Teding speaks the dialect of Teong. Pae� = no or not.
  • Turaloa, sub villages: Keja and Nggurnunca speaks Keja dialects. Nggati = no or not.
  • Whilst Ramba speaks there own dialect, Pawa = no or not. Denatana, sub villages: Mulu and Welas(speaks Nggati), whilst
  • Poma speaks similar dialect as Ramba.
  • Nginamanu, sub villages: Kurubhoko and Tajo speaks similar dialect as Namut.
  • Terong Kedong, sub villages: Mbazang and Lindi speaks Pae whilst Damu speaks Pawa (similar to Namut)
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