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Riung Recommended Tours
Riung Trekking
Villages, Savannah, Forest and Varanus Riungensis
Duration: 4 Days

Day 1 Riung - Maronggela - Ria
Take regular wood truck servicing Riung - Maronggela during weekly market day on Monday. Arrival in Maronggela trek to Ria. There are dirt roads connecting Maronggela to Ria. The first one is passing Taga area whilst the other one passing Wate villages, take this way to reach Ria.  The walk will pass villages, open savannah and candle nut plantations.

It is better to ask locals either in Riung or Maronggela to accompany you during the trek. Upon arrival in Ria ask where the Kepala Desa's house is or just ask for the School Teacher's house. They will definitely accommodate you during the night. It is might be the longest inland village in Riung. Spend your afternoon and evening in the village and experience the stay among locals.

Day 2 Ria - Memak - Mbarungkeli

Spend your morning in Ria. By 10 0'clock start trek to Mbarungkeli. Half of the trail will walking dawn hill to reach Memak in the Alo Meze or Big River. Don't forget to ask your host to prepare picnic lunch for you. Arrive in Memak, stop under the two giant Kenari Trees where hundreds of bee colony taking nest. The people from Ria harvest the honey here once in a year. Take your chance to collect Kenari Nuts on the forest floor. You may have your picnic lunch here or at the river bank after get yourself refreshed in the the river.

Afternoon continue trek to Mbarungkeli. First the trail will lead you up hill and then walk along the trail under the forest canopy until reach the point where you will see Flores sea in front of you. Ask your trek companion to pass Telo' Ndanong a place where people believe the testis of Ndanong is marked clearly on the stone. Riung people believe that in the early years of earth the stones are soft and soil is oily. Mr Ndanong might possibly wear no cloth and mark his testis on the soft stone while sitting.

Proceed your trek down to the plain of Mbarungkeli, pass through the area where you will see lots of black stone gathered in groups as if to be collected afterwards. The stones where stuck there upon the order of the Japanese during the Second World War. The stones are iron raw materials. It is black colored and heavy. Upon arrival in Mbarungkeli ask for house of School teacher of Kepala Desa, you may ask for overnight stay. There are four villages in Mbarungkeli. They are Watu Zape, Kampung Tengah, Pandulundur and Nanga Ular.

Day 3 Mbarungkeli - Damu - Ruki and Martauk

Morning trek along the Trans Flores Road to reach Damu. Upon arrival here ask the locals to lead you to the waterfal. You may ask for lunch here at the school teacher's house. Afternoon continue walking to Ruki. En route you might encounter Mbou or Varanus Riungensis. Stop at Watu Wangka where the legend said that the boat of people returning from searching the eternal life anchored. Arrive in Ruki pay a call to one of the house there and ask the possibility to overnight here.

Ruki is the nearest point to start trekking to Tanjung Torongpadang in the following day. Spend your afternoon here and if time permits you may visit the village of Marotauk nearby. The main activity of the women in both villages is weaving traditional Riung Sarong. You may ask the locals how Mbou affected their goats.

Day 4 Torongpadang Trekking
Start trekking early in the morning. It is good to experience the sunrise from the heights of the hill in Tanjung Torongpadang. Torongpada is the traditional hunting field of Riung people. Years before the deer hunting is banned people hunt here once in a year. Hundreds or even up to 1.000 people gather here to participate in hunting or just watch how the horse rider champions defeat dears in the hunting filed. It is a festive occasion. The champion horse riders normally wear ornaments made of long rooster feathers tied up on a long stick to be stuck on their back. Champions and other horse riders normally wait at the strategic point where they could take notice easily on the showed up deers driven away from their den by hunting dogs.

It is suggested to always accompanied by several people as you will trek into the wild in the habitat of Varanus Riungensis. The trail passes the open savannah and covered lowland forest. Keep yourself aware of possible encounter with the dragons along the trail. The trek takes about 1 - 2 hours. Nua Mbou means the whole on the rock or den of Varanus Riungensis.

After the trek take boat and sail to Rempas or Ontoloe island where thousands of fruit eating bats take nest on the mangrove forest. But you may enjoy swimming or snorkeling in some spots in Tanjung Torongpadang which has white sand beaches and beautiful coral gardens. By mid day sail to Rutong island for picnic lunch and enjoy the crystal clear water of Riung with beautiful coral gardens. Late afternoon return to Riung.

Day 5 Riung - Next Destination

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