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Bada Valley
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Nobody really knows how old the Bada megaliths are, or who made them, or even why they're there. They probably date from the first millennium AD, but this figure is fairly debatable, depending on which scientist you consult. The locals don't have a clue  � 'They've always been here, is the most common response if you ask someone where the statues came from � and all this adds to a wonderful sense of mystery. Even more interestingly, all the objects in the area are made from a type of grey stone of which there are no deposits in the near vicinity, so work that one out; these megaliths are huge, heavy, and in the middle of nowhere, a long way from where they should be.

Nobody knows how they got there, who built them or why they bothered, and to cap it all they're made out of a kind of stone that can't be found locally. The designs are haunting, and if anything they're reminiscent of the famous statues on Easter Island. Anyone coming here for evidence of aliens landing and creating images of themselves in rock is in for a treat; some of them really do look like spacemen.

Bada valley located in the heart of Sulawesi island. To reach Bada Valley, the visitor once have to drive to Tentena which is accessible by road from Toraja or Palu. The drive from Toraja takes about 8 - 9 hours. Then drive inland to reach Bomba or Gintu in Bada valley. The road to Bada valley is vulnerable to landslide especially during the rainy season (October - May). Four wheel drive is still needed as to make sure the journey is not ruined by landslide or mud. Although as per May 2008 small cars like "Kijang" is already possible to reach Bada Valley with the help of four wheel drive car at some parts of the road.

Here are some ancient statues of Bada Valley:

Palindo ('The Entertainer'), 4.5m.
The largest statue in the area and the most celebrated, it is situated south of the tiny village of Sepe. It is perhaps a representation of Sepe's first mythological inhabitant, Tosaloge. A local legend tells of the Raja of Luwu, who once ordered 1800 of his subjects to move the statue from Sepe to Palopo (a very long way to the south) to prove his dominance over Bada, but the effort failed. The statue was said to originally face Luwu in the south, but the Bada people turned it to face the west as a snub to the Raja, and when the Raja's followers tried to turn it back, it fell onto its side, killing 200 of them. In the past, offerings were brought to this figure before embarking on any new enterprise, such as opening up a new garden. Whatever the legends, it's a wonderfully atmospheric sight.

Maturu ('Sleeping'), 3.5m.
This statue lies on its back, and has good features, like a reclining Palindo. As with its bigger brother, it's a male; the erect genitals on both are a bit of a giveaway. Mesinga ('Wearing a Scarf'). Actually, this looked more like a little penis and I didn't even waste a photograph on it. The features are very faded and if it wasn't in the Bada Valley, you'd think it was just a rock. It's only just up the path from the Kalamba, which are far more interesting.

Vast stone cisterns, dotted all over the place, which may have been used as baths, or burial chambers for aristocrats. Some are better than others.

Oba ('Monkey')
This was the one that the old man took us to, and it's a real cutie. Only as high as a squatting man, its features are amusingly monkey-like and cheeky. It's right in the middle of a paddy field.

Langke Bulawa
The statue is about 1.65 m in height. As other ancient statues in Bada Valley, Langke Bulawa is protected. It is located next to the locals cocoa field.

Walks in Bada Valley
The best way to reach the statues of Bada Valley is to walk.  For those  who have problem to take 2 - 4 km walk may ask the help of "Ojek" or motorbike ride. Most of the statues are easy to find but others need effort to located them on the bushes. Make sure to wear trousers as some bush might made scratch tou your legs.

There are simple homestays in Bada Valley. We recommend the one in Bomba, named Ningsih homestay

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