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Sulawesi Culture and Nature
Duration: 19 Days / 18 Nights
Leisure and Adventure (rich mixture of nature and culture)

The program gives you chances to explore the whole Sulawesi island from North to South. The distance covered is almost 2000 km. Yet you still have chance to relax at white sand beaches on the beginning and on the end of the program.

The attractions included in the program: Tangkoko Nature Reserve, Minahasa Highlands, Togian Islands, Bada Valley, Toraja, Bugis Civilization and Lake Tempe, Kajang People, Bira Beach and Tana Beru - the boat builders

How to get there: There are two gateways of Sulawesi. Manado in the north end and Makassar in the south. Both cities are connected by regular international flight to Singapore and Kulalumpur. Silk air flies to Manado 4 times a week whislt Airasia servicing Kualalumpur - Makassar 4 times a week and will be servicing the route on the daily basis by the end of February. Both gateways are connected by daily flights to various major cities in Indonesia.

Day 01 Arrival MANADO
Day 02 Free program (there are various beach resorts to choose from)

Day 03 Visit interesting places around Manado.
Early morning visit Tangkoko Reserve to trace the smallest primates in the world (Tarsiers) in its natural habitat. Then trek in the forest to trace the endemic animals of Sulawesi, such as Maccaca Nigra (black monkey without tail) and Sulawesi Hornbill. Proceed afterwards to the beach of Tangkoko with its beautiful black volcanic sands; get yourself refreshed after forest walk. Then drive to Sawangan where the old sarcophagus or Waruga located. Drive onwards to Tondano Lake for lunch. Afternoon on the way back to the resort drive through Tomohon � the flower town to visit Woloan where locals produce knock down wood houses of Minahasa for sale. Then drive downhill to Manado with stops en route for photo stops and visit roadside restaurants, which sells typical local cuisine of Manado.

Day 04 Free program

Take flight to Luwuk. Upon arrival transfer directly to Ampana with several stops en route. Lunch at local restaurant in Pagimana (Titanic Beach Motel). Late afternoon check in at Oasis Hotel in Ampana

Note: the flight schedule connecting Manado - Luwuk is change very often due to the low load factor. If flight on your departure is cancelled then the program on Day 05 will be changed into Manada - Gorontalo by land. Overnight in Gorontalo and then take boat from Gorontalo (Day 06) to Togian islands.

Day 06 AMPANA � Togian Islands
Early morning take private boat (speed boat) to Togian islands.  It takes about 3 hours (depend on the speed and water condition). Upon arrival free program. There is chance for swimming and snorkeling on the island. If interested, may take chance to trek on the island with dense rain forest. There is several of birds� inland. Late afternoon take your chance to witness folks of birds gathering on the treetop in preparing to return to overnight on the small island just off shore of your resort. The birds will fly in several sorties in groups until late after sunset.
Day 07 Visit UNA UNA
Take chartered boat to sail to Una Una; the sail takes about 3.5 hrs. Upon arrival explore the island include the chance for snorkeling and swimming. Lunch box will be prepared. Afternoon return to Kadidiri.

Early morning take boat to visit islands mentioned. Sail through the narrow straits of Wakai to reach Kabalutan where the Bajo tribe�s village located. The houses are built on stilts on the water. Meet the locals visit their homes to comprehend their daily life. Proceed then to Malenge � an island known as the habitat of Togian Monkeys and tarsier. Explore the island, trek through the forest. Picnic lunch is provided. Afternoon return to Kadidiri.

Early morning sail back to Ampana by chartered boat, and then proceed to Tentena by minibus. Lunch will be provided en route. Arrival in Tentena transfer by motorized canoe to reach Tando Bone for overnight.

Enjoy the morning in the tranquility of Poso Lake. Then leave Tando Bone by about 8 AM to take Four Wheel Drive (4WD) to Bada Valley. The drive takes about 3.5 hours. Lunch will be served at Ningsih Homestay in Bomba � Bada valley. Afternoon explore Bada valley on foot. First drive to Bewa then crosses Lariang River by raft then trek to visit Palindo � the biggest megalith in Bada Valley then trek to Susu where Kalamba located. Proceed then to neighboring place to visit Maturu and Mesiga another ancient stone statue. Proceed then to Lengkeka to reach Oba statue. Late afternoon trek back to reach the car and drive to Homestay.

Early morning visit Langke Bulawa � the ancient statue as shown here. Return then to Poso Lake to have lunch at Siury cottage. The hotel located on a beautiful yellowish colored sand of Poso Lake with very clear water. You may take chance to swim on a fresh water of Poso Lake before lunch.  Afternoon drive to Pendolo through the west Coast of Poso Lake, passing the settlements of transmigrants from various parts of Indonesia including Bali. It is not surprise to see Hindu Temples along the roadside. There are some beautiful spots with beautiful panoramic views over the lake Poso for photo stops. Take your chance to enjoy the nature beauty. Then visit Bancea � formerly known as place with various natural wild orchids but now most of the orchids stolen. Still Bancea is worth visiting as the nature setting is beautiful with lush green rain forest and crystal clear water of Lake Poso with it�s white sand beach. Late afternoon check in at Hotel Mulia Poso.

Enjoy the tranquility of Lake Poso in the morning; take your chance to swim on the clear water of the lake then after breakfast drive to Toraja Land. The whole day drive passing lush green high altitude rain forest, flat low land with palm oil plantation, rice fields and villages. Take your chance to for photo stops and stretching legs. Lunch will be provided en route. Later afternoon arrive in Toraja.

If no cultural activities, your Toraja program today will be as follow: The tour starts by visiting Lemo � where the burial places are carved high up on the rock cliffs. There are rows of effigies of deceased on display next to them. Continue then to Pasiliran in Sangalla area - it is a burial place for babies on the tree trunk. The last visit before lunch is Suaya - the burial site for the nobles of Sangalla. There are effigies on a balcony carved on the cliff and preserved ancient sarcophagus nearby. Lunch at local restaurant. Afternoon visit Londa � the biggest burial places in the cave. There are rows of Tau Tau or wooden effigies are displayed in the balcony. Proceed then to Ke�te� Kesu one of the most beautiful places with rows of traditional houses set on a beautiful setting. Ke�te Kesu area is well-known for Toraja wood carving too. Take the chance to walk to a burial place just behind the village. There are hanging ancient wooden sarcophagus and rows of wooden effigies also exist here.

Morning visit Marante a place with huge ancient wooden sarcophagus and effigies, then visit Rantepao weekly market where hundreds of pigs and water buffaloes are on sale. Then having lunch at Celebes Restaurant to enjoy Toraja cuisine including the meat cooked in bamboo tubes with local ingredients. Afternoon drive then to Batutumonga the place where one can have an aerial view over the valley of central Toraja. Next to Batutumonga there are Lokomata, the burial place carved on a single huge rock almost in round shape. On return to hotel drive to through Bori visit a place where the Simbuang � Toraja stone monuments located.

Day 16 Toraja � Palopo � Sengkang
In the morning visit Marante and Nanggala the two places worth visit. Drive then to Palopo passing one of the most beautiful panoramic views on the province. They are clove plantation, virgin highland forest, ravines and brooks. Lunch will be served at local restaurant in Palopo. Then continue to Sengkang, drive along the almost flat and wide road passing fishponds, rice fields, cocoa and clove plantations. Approaching Sengkang there is more and more house on stilts along roadside. Take a chance to visit some to them to get in touch with locals who are producing Sengkang Silk textiles. If time permit we will take a boat ride toward Tempe Lake. The real interest is not the lake but the daily activities of locals along the riverbank.

Day 17 Sengkang � Kajang � Bira 
If there is no chance to visit the lake in the previous day, then the visit maybe made this morning. It is better to visit before schools hours, the river will be busy with traffic of boats ad people bathing and washing along the riverbank. Breakfast at hotel and then drive towards Bira Beach. Lunch will be served in Sinjai. En route to Bira, visit Kajang � the place well known as one of native Indonesian who still keeps the pre Moslem tradition. The house architecture and clothing are specific.

Day 18 Bira free program

Day 19 Bira � Tana Beru � Makassar � Bali 
Early departure with a stop at Tana Beru. It is the home of famous traditional boat builders where Phinisi � the well known Bugis schooner are built in traditional way without written design or modern technical calculation, but by tradition and personal judgments. Lunch will be served in Makassar on the time transfer to airport for your next destination.

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