How to get to Sumba
Sumba is accessible both by air and sea from the nearest island.

Air access to Sumba island
  • From/to Bali: by air there are daily flights flying to Waingapu on East Sumba and Tambolaka airport in West Sumba by turn. Please ask you agent or contact us for detailed flight schedule as the schedule change very often due to the limited number of aircrafts.
  • From/to Flores island: There are daily flights connecting Maumere on Flores island and either to Waingapu or Tambolaka airport.
  • From/to Timor: The same airline flying regular flights connecting Kupang on Timor island with either Waingapu or Tambolaka airport by turn.
Sea access:
  • PELNI Lines: government own lines servicing regular schedule every two weeks connecting Sumba with Bali, Flores and Timor island
  • Ferry: a much slower connection on a regular basis connecting Waingapu with Ende, Sabu and Kupang. And there are regular schedules connecting Waikelo harbor in west Sumba with Sape on Sumbawa island and Labuanbajo on West Flores (gateway to Komodo National Park).