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Places of interests in Timor
Kupang Museum
The museum has a rich collection of cultural items from throughout Lesser Sunda Islands. Traditional weaving textiles are in good display and it shows varieties of Ikat Weaving and Supplementary weaving technique in the region.

It is a place where the descendant of King of Amarasi stays. The family keeps the aged long tradition of Ikat weaving of typical Amarasi design. It is a must to visit place for those who want to understand more about Ikat Weaving.

Located away from Kupang en route to Soe in Trans Timor road. It is known as a place where Sasando � the typical musical instrument made of palm leaf are produced.

A village in an outskirt of Soe town � located on the high altitude, the typical Central Timor traditional house is common seen here. Sandalwood trees are planted in the fields of peasants.


The kingdom of Boti lies in the center of western Timor and was ruled by Raja Ama Nune Benu until his death in 2005. Raja Ama was an octogenarian animist with an air of wisdom and serenity. He forbade logging and understood that trees held water in the ground and kept the wells flowing He also protected bird life, both as his personal totem and as the carriers of seeds and bringers of fertility. The textiles they are producing are earthy and evocative, a perfect expression of the community�s philosophy.

The village used to be the capitol of Insana Kingdom. The descendant of Insana King is still occupying the once palace of Insana. The area is known for the Supplementary Weaving technique of Sotis/Lotis or Buna, which is sometimes mixed with Ikat Weaving technique.

The village is located in the eastern most part of East Timor now Timor Leste. It is a 214 km drive to reach the village with unique traditional house architecture built on stilts. Those who interested in typical Ikat Weaving of Timor better to visit the village. 


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